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Frequent Questions about Skip Hire and HOW IT ALL WORKS!
Who is good for skip hire? Unsure of what size of skip to hire? We will tell you! What materials can I put into a skip? We will let you know! We advising lots of customers about skip hire charges. Which skip sizes are best! Which materials should not be placed into a skip. Our advice is free! Will the skip be placed on a driveway or private land? If you have the ability to place a skip on private land this is a cost efficient way of reducing the cost of Skip hire prices in Weymouth. In circumstances where any of our skips need to be placed on the road outside of your property. A licence will be required and we need to obtain this licence from the local authority. Local authorities do make a charge to obtain this licence and this can increase our cheap skip hire cost in Weymouth and Portland! We can discuss all the options with you when you call or email. You can mix some waste and pricing should be agreed up front. In most circumstances, we don’t charge on weight, just on the size of the skip hired.
As long as you don’t breach our conditions of skip hire. We never make additional charges. Additional charges may apply where you add material which puts the load into a different category that hasn’t been disclosed at order. It is important to know that if you place any prohibited material in the skip. We do have a list of items that should NOT be loaded into our skips. We request that you familiarise yourself with our prohibited waste items list Here. We may refuse to collect the bin until it is decontaminated of prohibited items and charges may apply. In addition, there are significant charges that apply if any concealed prohibited material is found during processing. The protection of our staff from exposure to any hazardous material, including to asbestos dust, is paramount.

Skip Hire sizes

Skips come in different sizes and mostly the same shape. Skips are sized according to the different applications and materials that they may hold.

H&D know that each job is different. As such, we endeavour to meet the customers needs!! We keep our skip hire prices flexible! This reflects the individual needs and requirements of each of our customers.


H&D are an accredited and licensed transfer station. We try to recycle between 70 – 80% of all waste per annum. We do NOT want to waste a great chance to help our customers and they in turn recommend H&D Skip Hire Weymouth, Portland & South Dorset.

H&D Skip Hire Weymouth. We wont waste your time OR your money!!

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H&D provide different options for waste recycling & skip hire Weymouth which includes 2 , 4, 6 & 8 yard skips, grab bags & grab lorry hire in Weymouth, Portland & South Dorset.

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